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Friday Photos: Henryetta, and the Airport


Last Saturday we went down to help my wife’s folks out a bit. Three weeks ago Oklahoma had a fierce ice storm, and they needed some help getting some tree branches off their roof. They live on a hill overlooking the town of Henryetta. I took this photo looking east and a bit south. The blue building and the complex around it was the glass plant where my wife’s grandfather, “Bampa” worked for forty-four years. In those days it was owned by Pittsburg Plate Glass (PPG), but for the past couple of decades it has been owned by Anchor Hocking, and it has been retooled to make jars and bottles.

This shot was taken a couple of nights ago out at Tulsa International Airport. I just love watching the deice crew do their thing. That is the only thing that I enjoy about cold, icy weather. Obviously, we were hit with another winter storm this week, though not as bad as a few weeks ago when the ice storm came through that brought branches down on my wife’s parents’ house. Praise be to God, travel to and from, and during work has been safe for me and my co-workers.
If you love snow or winter, there is still time to repent.

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Friday Photos: Cuttin’ and Weldin’

I really do love working with cutting torches and welders. It is still amazing to me how you can make two pieces of metal become one.

I spent the whole day two Saturdays ago (01/06/07) building a couple of drive-through gates for our entry way. Here I have just finished cutting the saddles on each end of the front four pieces of pipe, which will form the tops and bottoms of the frame.

Here’s a close-up of the saddle cuts. A little patients (oops) patience here, getting a close fit, will make weld-up much easier and smoother looking.

Here’s how one of the corners welded up. Nice.

My project was far from finished on that Saturday, and last weekend we were socked in with a massive ice storm here in eastern Oklahoma, so that we didn’t set foot outside of the house until I went to work last Monday afternoon. Early tomorrow another major snow storm is set to move in. The gate project will have to wait at least one more week.

You can check out the rest of my project pictures on my Flickr page. Check out the making gates set there. The first six photos in that set are from a previous gate project, but they are interesting too.

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A rainy night at work

This shot was taken last Friday evening at work. I don’t believe I have ever taken a night shot in the rain before. I like the way the lights reflect on the pavement. The driver is a guy we all call “Sparky”. He’s a good Penticostal brother.Creeping Phlox

This shot was taken today. Imagine that, something blooming on the first week in January. Nope, this is not coastal Georgia, it’s Oklahoma, “where the wind comes sweeping down the plain.”

I hope you enjoy the photos. Be sure to check out all of the other fine pics at the Friday Photo Group.
Have a great weekend, and I hope to meet with you, and all of the saints on the Lord’s Day in His presence.

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